Interview: The Kendolls


Although Kendolls have been around for quite some time, I’m saddened to say I only came across them a couple of months ago. My first ever encounter with them, was ‘Black Sunday’, the opening track to 2015’s ‘Autonomania’. The song builds up for more than a minute and a half before it absolutely explodes, and I was sold straight away. I gathered the troops and told them about this gem of a band I had just found – spreading the good word. Just a mere month after my discovery, Kendolls were due to do their first ever London gig, so I grabbed frontman Oskar before the show to talk about the band and our mutual appreciation of Norwegian band ‘Honningbarna’.

Can you tell us a bit about the background of the band, and how you ended up playing together?
We started in 2007, it was a different line up back then. We weren’t very good when we started so if sounded fucking awful. We’d practice 3-4 times a week until we were good. A couple of years ago we got a new drummer and bassist and the sound of the band changed slightly, while at the same time still sticking to our guns.

Your last album ‘Autonomania’ was released on your own label ‘Byhåla Records’ (as well as White Russian Records), how did creating your own label come about? Has there been any other releases on Byhåla?
Autonomania’s the first ever release, although we’ve been approached by other bands who’s interested. We’ve worked with different labels in the past, but felt like we were ready to be in control and do it ourselves. We can finally tear shit down and put it back together exactly how we want them to be. Have complete creative control.

Do you find it hard to be seen and heard, and get a following outside of Sweden?
The last couple of years we actually haven’t done that many Swedish shows except for Gothenburg. We’ve done quite a few Norwegian and Finnish ones. We played in Norway with ‘Honningbarna’, which to me is one of the best Nordic live bands we’ve got at the moment, I love them. We’re also talking about doing some gigs in Eastern Europe, which I’d love to do. But honestly I’m not too bothered where we play as long as it’s a good crowd and we have fun.

As we speak you’ve got three more gigs of what’s been a fairly big European tour, how has it all been?
We’ve done 28 gigs on this tour, and that’s the most we’ve ever done. We’ve really enjoyed playing all these new places, and although we’re all exhausted, we’re really excited to be playing our first ever London show!


What kind of music did you grow up listening to? Was there anyone in particular that made realize you wanted to play?
Nirvana. Being nine years old and hearing Nirvana, that changed everything. Before that I remember hearing Chuck Berry and Creedence, but Nirvana was a game changer and definitely what did it for me.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of the year?
We’ve got some Nordic gigs and festivals lined up for later this year. We’re also planning to start recording a follow up album this year, and then who knows?

Keep up to date on future gigs, tours and releases on their Facebook page.

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