The Claypool Lennon Delirium


I must admit I was quite surprised receiving an email with the subject containing both the names ‘Claypool’ and ‘Lennon’ – WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? We’ve got a saying in Norway where I’m from, which translates to something like ‘The world won’t stand until easter’, which makes no sense what so ever in either English or Norwegian, but it’s something you say when you’re really, bloody surprised. So I guess, the world won’t stand until easter – which is tomorrow. Bye then.

Anyway, it turns out two worlds have collided, and Les Claypool and Sean Lennon’s decided to start a band called ‘The Claypool Lennon Delirium’. The first thing that springs to mind when hearing Les Claypool, is that he’s an incredibly talented bassist, and the crazy-ass bass slappin’ he’s been doing with Primus for all these years.

And then there’s Sean Lennon, and despite him not being his dad, John Lennon springs to mind, for natural reasons. I could have spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how these to ended up together, and what in the world it would sound like, but instead decided to do the only sensible thing, and gave it a listen. Let the music speak for itself, and all that.

Radio single ‘Cricket & The Genie’ could almost have been taking from The Beatles’ ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, or early Temples with Geezer Butler playing the bass. Then there’s their newest single ‘Mr Wright‘ is way funkier, and probably more of what you’d expect from a project involving Mr.Claypool.

Their album ‘Monolith of Phobos’ will be released on the 3rd of June via ATO records, and we can expect to be taken on a ‘stimulating psychedelic journey through the cosmos.‘ I’m intrigued.


Follow them on Facebook for future updates on gigs, tours and releases.

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